We believe that the alignment and engagement among all stakeholders are critical to transforming government schools. Also, awareness of quality education alone is not sufficient to nudge in sustainable behavioral change among parents and community towards government schools. At Self-Reliant India (SRI), we believe that improving classroom environment will create best teaching practices and thereby creating role models among students and teachers. Our theory of change is that government school will transform to deliver quality education through community participation and ownership.


 SRI envisions that every child in India gets quality education and become self-reliant


Our mission is to provide access to quality education to low economic sections by transforming government schools through engagement with parents, community, school leaders, teachers and creating alignment between all of them



Ulhas Vairagkar

Ex-Director, TIME Education

Manish Upadhyay

Co-Founder, Liqvid

Durga Prashad Yadav

Project Manager, Language and Learning Foundation

Vivek Sharma

Director, Kaivalya

Education Foundation

Hemendra Mathur

Co-Founder, ThinkAg

Rahul Nainwal

Co-Founder, iVolunteer,

India 20 Fellow

Shashi Nair

Director, Viridus Social Impact Solutions

Core Team

Surender Yadav

Akash Mishra

Lucky Gautam

Shyam K C


T : +91 8295023543

E : contactus@srindia.org

A : Registered Office:

   B-123 Karampura Delhi

   Head Office:

   103/5 Shakti Nagar             Rewari123401

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