We recruit 2 teaching fellows each to every 10 schools in each district of Haryana; ensuring 2 hours of teaching support for 6 days a week. It majorly focuses on increasing the aptitude of the students in the fields of math, language, and reasoning, which form the components of the Entrance examination.

The program also concentrates on understanding individual students' intellectual capabilities as well as developing their interpersonal skills.

  • With students


A Student → SRI (attends after school program) Child has access to - 2 hours of teaching support 6 days a week, Library, study material to prepare for JNV entrance, Enhanced maths, language and reasoning, student retention in schools is more → (Gets into) JNV→ Lands a Formal Job → One family comes out from the cycle of poverty

  • With Fellows


A Fellow→ Joins NK Fellowship→ Gains skills and confidence to become an effective teacher, are trained through multiple capacity building workshops, Becomes a role model for the community, inspires others to join →Joins Govt/pvt sector

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