Whole School Transformation


Improve delivery of quality education through strengthening cordial relations between school and community

Project Objective:

  1. To improve community ownership and accountability towards community government schools

  2. To provide academic support to government school students by helping them to qualify Jawahar Navodaya Entrance Exam and giving them a promising opportunity to be last generation to be trapped in poverty.

  3. To make future teachers more compassionate and motivated towards teaching children via experiential learning

  4. To create government schools a place for child centric and contemporary learning processes.

Project Goals:

  1. Creating student role models in government schools which would result in inspired students, and student role models would help in improving the image of the government schools resulting in high Enrollments.

  2. To create a cohort of future teachers who are compassionate and are aware about the indicators of student learning outcome which would help them to develop and test different child centric approach while teaching.

  3. Community owns the process of School Development Plan making process and creates processes to raise funds for the school at regular intervals. 

Project Strategy:

With a belief to create long term sustainable change, involvement of community is a prerequisite. We believe that involving influential and motivated youths from the community, SRI could create community led self-reliant schools.

SRI in collaboration with District Administration of Education would select schools in the district.

Selection of schools based on 3 criterias –

a) Motivated teacher

b) Motivated PRI (Panchayti Raj member – preferably Sarpanch), and

c) Enrollment of school.

After the selection of the school, a youth volunteer from the same community pursuing B.Ed/JBT is selected as an additional support to the school. In the first 2 months, the volunteer would be observing the activities of the school (Observing Assembly, PTM Meetings, Classroom Transaction of teachers in std. 5, and Community Meetings organized by the school).

To build the credibility of the government school and create student role models to inspire other students, additional support for 2 hours after the school has been provided to train the students for the examinations of Model Schools (e.g., Jawahar Navodaya School etc).

To build more understanding about the Student home environment following things are being done: 


  • Home visits and parent meetings are being done by volunteers on a regular basis

  • Volunteer would be teaching standard 5 students after the school hours

  • Monthly Capacity Building Workshops and Action Research Projects to build transactional and stakeholder management skills of the volunteers

  • Motivating school staff to transform assembly as a learning space by introducing different activities in it

  • Motivating staff, community and students towards reading culture at school

  • Organizing different events at school (Art, Music and Sports) for students to improve their Non – Academic Skills and using this platform to involve community

  • Monthly Update meetings between Volunteer- Teacher – Parents around learning levels and creating awareness around importance of quality of education

  • Identification of Motivated Individuals for Gramin Shiksha Samiti and creating one in the community

  • Monthly Update Meetings with Gram Shiksha Samiti and School Staff.


With last goal of the SRI and volunteer being active participation of community and Gramin Shiksha Committee in SDP (School Development Plan) Making and formation of process of community raising funds for the gaps at school.