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Families that are impoverished have been trapped in the situation for generations. Sustenance and access to basic primary needs like education, and healthcare are grave challenges due to lack of land ownership, illiteracy and lack of stable livelihood. Children from chronically poor backgrounds experience disadvantages like timely enrolment in school, frequent dropping out from school and gaining a lower level of education development.

This has a devastatingly direct impact on their growth, livelihood and further opportunities for inclusion. Education has the transformative power to reduce those vulnerabilities, eliminate stigma, discrimination and empower them. Equity, resilience and self-reliance are key to breaking generational poverty. 

Education can break barriers. 

School Kid
Vision & Mission

Our Mission

To provide access to quality education for economically weaker sections and to enable them to become self-reliant.

We intend to transform government schools by engaging with parents, youth, community, school leaders, and teachers, and creating alignment between them. 

Our Vision

One Day the historically under-resourced families will attain the state of self-reliance.   

Our Goal is to send at least 50% i.e., 25000 kids from historically under-resourced families to JNV school system so that it helps them become self-reliant and break the generational poverty that’s impacting them.

Educating even one member from a traditionally low income family can help break the cycle and inch them closer to self reliance. 

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95% of Indian children attend primary school but barely 55% of them end up reaching higher secondary school. ASER (Annual Status for Education Report) 2019  shows that learning levels in government-run primary schools are alarmingly low. This implies that almost half the children drop out after 8 years of elementary education, without acquiring minimum acceptable foundational skills.

From our own survey in 2015, we collected data  from five government schools from Jhunjhunu district, Rajasthan revealing bleaker realities: ​

55% of the students dropped out of school before finishing their 12th grade. 

Only 2% students finished their graduate studies with relevant academic and social exposure. 


We hope  to bring transformative changes in children by equipping them with better opportunities, building their capacities and molding their schools into effective learning spaces. We deepen individual capacities of children by evoking joy, nurturing greater curiosity which encourages children’s retention rate in schools and makes overall positive difference in school dropout.

Theory of Change

It takes a village to raise a child - equally so to educate one. Collaboration, community participation and ownership is key to address any socio-economic issues affecting remote rural villages. By fostering community support we want to strengthen public education systems in India by transforming their schools into effective learning centers, conducive space for growth and rekindling the hope for emancipation through education. 

Providing children with equal opportunities, building their capacities, ensuring greater skills to get admission in alternative conducive school systems like Navodaya is taking one step closer to empowerment.


Meet the Team

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Akash Mishra


Ashish Sethi (Curriculum & Academic Manager).jpg

Ashish Sethi

Curriculum & Academic Manager

Dheeraj Arya (Sr Program Coordinator).jpg

Dheeraj Arya
Sr. Program Coordinator



Program Coordinator

Pooja (Program Coordinator).jpg


Program Coordinator

Poonam (Program Coordinator).jpg


Program Coordinator

Sandeep HR Admin.jpeg


HR Admin- Head

Sudhir Kumar Associate Community Mobilizer.jpg

Sudhir Kumar

Associate- Community Mobilizer


Surender Kumar


Our Mentors

Screenshot 2022-08-27 134640.png

Durga Prashad

State Head-Haryana Sampark Foundation

Screenshot 2022-08-27 134742.png

Gireendra Kasmalkar

Founder & CEO
Ideas to Impact


Hemendra Mathur

Co-Founder, ThinkAg


Manish Upadhyay

Co-Founder, Liqvid

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